Our Partners

The first global, post-graduate certificate in anti-corruption and Collective Action


In the spirit of Collective Action, we strive to foster strong partnerships with organizations active in the field of anti-corruption based on the principle of multi-stakeholder collaboration. We collaborate on different academic and professional levels, including project support, lectures, project coaching, and allowing members of partner organizations to participate in the programme.

Our Partners

We strive to foster strong partnerships

Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program

Alliance for Integrity

Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

United Nations Global Compact

Fisheries Transparency Initiative

Institutions with experience in the implementation of Collective Action, multi-stakeholder or collaborative activities, advocacy, project planning and implementation, and other efforts in the field of anti-corruption have the opportunity to nominate a candidate with high impact potential for the ACCA Certificate programme. Through their networks and expertise, they can contribute to the successful implementation of their nominees’ Collective Action projects and enhance their impact.


To discuss the possibility of a partnership, contact us at: collectiveaction@iaca.int

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