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The ACCA certificate has trained and mentored students from all over the world to carry out practical activities aimed at creating or strengthening Collective Action initiatives. Their activities have included among others, the promotion of ethical standards in the health sector, integrity standards in municipalities, public-private collaboration for implementation of compliance standards, empowerment of women in the fight against corruption, transparency in fisheries, and integrity in the port sector. These projects have already generated tangible results and their activities gear towards sustainable impact on the fight against corruption.

Map of the Initiatives


Participants of the ACCA, 2022 class implemented activities to establish or strengthen Collective Action projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Liberia, Tanzania, India, Peru and Pakistan. Their efforts continue and the impact on the fight against corruption is already evident.

Participants' Testimonials

The programme provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out my Collective Action project, which aims to increase compliance in public procurement in local governments in Argentina and measure its impact. ACCA’s faculty team and its excellent teachers supported me every step of the way and made the work an outstanding experience.

Dorothea Garff

Argentina, ACCA 2022

The ACCA program has transformed my perspective and enhanced my professional skills, becoming a pivotal force in shaping my future career. It opened doors to a global network, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange with peers worldwide. It empowered me to contribute to Azerbaijan’s anti-corruption efforts on a larger scale through engagement of different stakeholders & Collective Action. The program’s influence extended beyond corporate boundaries, propelling me into international forums and initiatives, and affirming its role not just as an educational tool but as a catalyst for personal and national empowerment.

Sevda Huseynova

Azerbaijan, ACCA 2023

Collective Action (Project name: Pembangunan Integriti Bersama Komuniti) has been a transformative force in Dungun and Marang, fostering a sense of community empowerment. Through transparent governance and active citizen participation, we’ve seen tangible improvements in public services and issue resolution. The ACCA programme’s impact extends beyond infrastructure, building trust and collaboration. Residents now feel heard, and the positive changes are noticeable. The project sets a promising precedent for accountable governance, and we’re excited about its potential to create similar success stories in other communities.

Mohd Rezaidi Mohd Ishak

Malaysia, ACCA 2023

My MACS (2020) thesis proposed the need for anti-corruption Collective Action in the real estate sector in Malawi as a means for preventing corruption and money laundering. Thanks to the ACCA programme, I can now implement those recommendations on a sector rated as posing a high risk for money laundering. The programme provides me with the relevant knowledge, skills, support from experts, and opportunities to use Collective Action as a means for securing the real estate sector from the aforementioned crimes.

Anita Mankhambo

Malawi, ACCA 2023

Participants' Projects

Videos Series

ACCA Argentina

The Collective Action Alliance for Transparency in Municipalities’ was launched in the frame of the ACCA certificate in March 2023. After a year of discussions, trainings and the definition of a framework for collaboration, the ACCA student Dorothea Garff has laid the groundwork for four Argentinian municipalities to join forces to enhance transparency in government processes.

ACCA Pakistan
A Collective Action initiative aiming to address corrupt practices in the maritime value chain in Pakistan was launched in February 2023. This initiative was implemented by ACCA participant Mathias Bak, with activities being managed by our partner organization the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN). The project has been strengthened through the knowledge and tools provided during the process of the ACCA certificate.
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